How Hill Gardener Appeals To Seed Thieves

June 18th, 2018

Every year thousands of people enjoy free access to How Hill’s splendid Secret Gardens, but recently a few people have been abusing the privilege. Chris Tubby, How Hill’s hardworking gardener, has had great success in the last few years growing Himalayan Blue Poppies. These unusual flowers are a stunning sky blue, but are notoriously tricky to propagate. Chris keeps a couple of raised beds especially for these fussy beauties, but when he went to inspect them today he was shocked to discover that their precious seed heads had been stolen!

”I can’t believe it” exclaimed Chris (62). ”It’s such a pointless thing to do because those seeds won’t even germinate. They need to ripen on the plant then be frozen for a few months first. It’s such a waste and it means that there may not be any new plants next year.  Please stop doing it!”

How Hill staff are shocked and saddened.