Invasion Of The Recycling Monsters

February 11th, 2019

We are always looking for ways to make the How Hill Trust a greener, more environmentally responsible organisation, so we were delighted to learn about a new crisp bag recycling scheme operated by TerraCycle. We do produce a fair bit of this type of waste as crisps are a popular lunchtime treat for hungry groups of visiting school children. (Don’t worry – we give them lots of healthy food too.) Previously there was no way of recycling them but now the crisp bags are collected, sorted, cleaned, shredded, and then made into new recycled products… much better than ending up in landfill.

Children are often much better at recycling than adults, but to help make it more fun we have turned two pedal bins into recycling monsters. Today was their first outing and the children of White Woman Lane Junior School made sure that they were extremely well fed.