Strange Times at How Hill

March 31, 2020

As you have probably guessed, things are pretty quiet around How Hill at the moment. Well, in human terms anyway. Reassuringly Nature doesn’t give two hoots about the coronavirus and springtime is well underway in every corner of the estate. Bitterns are booming, daffodils are blooming and Brimstone butterflies are on the wing. Well that’s what I imagine it is like. I haven’t actually been there in person for a couple of weeks now.

And unfortunately that’s the only way to visit How Hill for the forseeable future… in your imagination. In light of the ban on all but essential travel the house car park and the public car park are closed, as is the toilet block.

If you have questions about school visits then Education Manager Lizzy is the person you want. She can be reached at

If you have booked tickets for future events we will contact you as and when it becomes necessary to cancel them. Please email with any enquiries about events, or anything else for that matter.

So until all this blows over just sit tight, stay well and watch wildlife from your window. I can see two collared doves, a pigeon and a blue tit. No bitterns though!