Friends Of How Hill

The Friends of How Hill is an independent charity which supports the work of the How Hill Trust by organising fundraising events. The Chairman is Bruce Moffat. Registered charity number 1087279.

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New members are always very welcome. Annual membership entitles you to attend exclusive Friends events and receive regular newsletters keeping you in touch with what is happening at How Hill.

For more details or to join the Friends of How Hill, please contact:
Membership Secretary Jeanne Flett
33 Broad Reaches
Great Yarmouth NR29 5PD
Tel: 01692 678560

The support of the Friends is crucial to the smooth running of the trust and on behalf of the Trustees, we would like to thank all members of the Friends for their generosity and good will – it is truly appreciated.


Friend’s Events 2024

To book for all Friends events please contact Jeanne Flett 01692 678560, email

Please note only assistance dogs are allowed at Friend’s Events

Sunday, 14 July, 2024: Robin Hood by The Pantaloons 
n Robin, Marian and the Merry Men in Sherwood Forest for a hilarious adventure. Pernicious Prince John and the shifty Sheriff of Nottingham have hatched a plan to stop Robin Hood’s charitable crime spree. Can they outwit the outlaw or will Robin hit the target once again. Prepare to have your blocks busted, your rips roared and your swashes well and truly buckled.


Sunday, 18 August, 2024: The Merry Wives of Windsor by The Pantaloons
Sir John Falstaff, everyone’s favourite Shakespearean sleazeball, has fallen on hard times. In order to fix his finances he plans to seduce the wives of 2 wealthy merchants. Wise to his wily ways, the ladies take the opportunity to punish Falstaff by playing a series of hilarious tricks on the nincompoop knight. Expect silly slapstick, abundant anachronisms and memorable music as the critically acclaimed Pantaloons put their own innovative spin on this classic comedy.


In their own words:-

“The Pantaloons are a company dedicated to making theatre which is accessible yet intelligent, taking inspiration from an eclectic mix of popular forms and re-inventing these to produce imaginative and innovative work. Our style is self-aware and playful, with one foot constantly in the world of the here-and-now while the other remains within the world of illusion. Our ethos is one of collaboration, both with our audiences and within the group itself. We maintain an emphasis on physicality and on audience interaction, and our aim is always to produce performance which is experimental, eye-catching, moving and fun.”

Tickets for Pantaloons will be adults £15, 8-16’s £9, under 8’s free. Please bring something to sit on and a picnic.

Pantaloons performances at How Hill, doors open 2 pm, performance begins at 3 pm