Simon Partridge, Director

Simon was appointed Director in December 2011 but previously worked at How Hill as a teacher in the late 1980’s and was a trustee for eight years. Simon has a degree in Environmental Studies and is a qualified teacher.

Sharon Hardy, House Manager

Sharon is responsible for the day to day running of the house. She organises our adult events including parties, weddings and Christmas. Before coming to How Hill in 2012, Sharon was the General Manager of the Norfolk Mead Hotel in Coltishall. She decorates the house beautifully with floral and foliage arrangements and ensures all our guests are happy.

Lizzy Ames, Education Manager

Lizzy became Education Manager in 2014, having previously covered maternity leave and summer day visits. She is the main contact for teachers wishing to visit How Hill, and she oversees all educational work.
Lizzy has a BSc in Ecology. She has lived and worked in the Costa Rican rainforest as a research scientist and used to live a showbiz life presenting the sealion and parrot shows at Pleasurewood Hills.

Shauna Ellis, Teacher

Shauna has worked at the Trust since she left school in 1997. She is our longest serving staff member and is as important to How Hill as the walls themselves. Her main role as a member of the education team is leading activities with our residential and day visiting school groups. She is extremely organised, fantastically practical and very handy with a chainsaw.

Elanor Nicholls, Teacher

Elanor started at How Hill in 2005 where she leads activities with visiting schools and organises Family Fun Days. Elanor also looks after this website and produces the How Hill events programme and other promotional materials. Her degree is in Natural Environmental Science, she is Forest School trained and she loves being outside and making things.

Sophie Geschke, Teacher

Sophie joined the How Hill Trust in January 2017. She was a primary school teacher for seventeen years, but after getting a taste for outdoor learning she has escaped the classroom and is enjoying pursuing her love of the great outdoors.

Emma Purnell, Teacher

Emma is a nature lover who has worked with children for nearly twenty years, encouraging them to get involved with nature-based activities. Emma is a workshop leader with the Fairyland Trust, a children’s conservation charity. She also coordinates children’s activity areas and craft areas at a wide range of events around the country.

Lawrence Patten, Teacher

Lawrence joined the day visit education team in 2016. He knows his great diving beetles from his great silver water beetles. He can spot milk parsley, home to the caterpillar of the rare swallowtail butterfly at ten paces and he knows all the best places to look for marsh harriers.

Eleanor Hodds

Eleanor is our cleaner and generally useful person. She keeps chickens and has excellent detective skills.

Jane Gateson, Kitchen Assistant

Jane joined the team in 2019.

After a career as a nursery nurse she moved back to Norfolk to semi-retire, but she missed working with children too much. Now Jane helps to prepare and serve delicious dinner to all our guests – from age 9 to 99!

Wendy Andrews, Chef

Wendy joined our kitchen team in 2017. She is a qualified chef with lots of experience and a passion for baking and chocolate making. Large groups of boisterous children don’t scare her as in the past she has run her own city centre pub! Wendy’s delicious cakes are on sale at the How Hill Tearoom.

Sarah Hudson, Sandwich Artist

Sarah has worked at How Hill since 2009. She is the Queen of Breakfasts and Lunches, working with visiting schools to make sure that all children’s dietary requirements are met and that there is enough coffee available for the teachers. She also makes delicious cakes for the tearoom and is handy with a paintbrush.

Zenda Madge, Finance

Zenda looks after the books and makes sure that the Trust is run efficiently and cost effectively. You can reach her in the office on a Monday or Friday.

Chris Tubby, Head Gardener

Chris is surely the hardest working gardener in the land. He takes care of our magnificent gardens, both those surrounding the house and the secret gardens down in the woods. He can build anything, fix most things and he is the only one who ever really knows where an extension cable can be found. Formerly a butcher, Chris joined the How Hill team in 2007.